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Intrigue and Ironclads

From the Journal of "Cheyenne" Jack Jennings

From the Journal of “Cheyenne” Jack Jennings

March 6, 1889
After a bit too much excitement in the court of the Anooka of Satazsheek. Miss Walker was carried off to be cared for by the princess’s personal doc, after loosing a fight with a dastardly box. The rest of us got locked in a room, without my quick words me might not have lived this long. At least it is better than a cell, but damn it is boring, and not knowing what is to come makes it unbearable.

March 12, 1889
Finally after a long week, they brought us before the princess (Miss Walker was already there, looking much better). The Anooka seemed to have taken a liking to Miss Walker, and it might just have saved our lives. The Princess wants us to find out who was behind the assassination attempt. Of course none of us argue. I am certainly ready for some intrigue, and boy did it start quick. As we walked towards our hotel we saw a monstrous ironclad making its way down the canal from the north. The Prince Heir/Russian puppet has arrived, and he is flexing his muscles…

This evening, Emma and I went out on the town, I really needed a drink, and I wanted to learn more about the Russians in town. I made a lot of friends and shared a lot of drinks. They told me about some Russian merchants and where they were staying, and where the military delegation was. As we left one of the drinking houses, I white man was watching us, so I approached him. He obviously had a few Martian thugs lingering around as backup. He spoke with a Russian accent and claimed to be a Citizen working to further the Czar’s interests. He said he was not associate with the captain we saw at court. As we headed back to the hotel I recruited some street kids to follow him.

March 13, 1889
It was a good thing I though to have him followed. The kids reported to me that the Russian spy had been assaulted my Martians and thrown in the canal. The said they fought strangely with their hands and feet. This made me think of the monks that I visited at the monastery outside of town, but later when I talked with a monk who actually witnessed the brawl, he said he had never seen that style of fighting. Things just keep getting weirder.

We spoke to Deshonbeesh before lunch, but he didn’t have much useful information. He filled us in a little bit on the gunrunning merchant Toolachook. Apparently he isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, and wouldn’t necessarily be above selling the guns just for the short term profit, but my gut says different.

After lunch Emma the Martian and I went out looking for information about the Brawl, while the rest of the group when to tea with the Princess. Everyone was talking about the fight, this is when we found that monk.

I spent the evening drinking near our hotel, and now I am turning in. I think tomorrow it is time to start following the trail of these Russian guns. How did Toolichook get them??


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Intrigue and Ironclads

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