Space 1889: Wrigglesworth and Pinchback's Majestic Interplanetary Trading Company

The Hidden Waters of Biblis Fons - Conclusion

The ship returns to celebrating city. Public fountains are flowing across the city. A banquet is held to honor the returning heroes at City Hall. Powerful people from all across the city are in attendance.

The Priests of the Crystal Oracle present each of the party with a glass sunburst medallion and inducts them into the order of the Rising Sun (level 1 social status in Biblis Fons, 1 in social situations). The Council of Synods thank the party and gifts them each with their choice of a leaf-bladed glass dagger or short sword. The weapons are crafted by a small group of craftsmen following an ancient tradition of the city. They are not knapped as with primitive glass weapons you have seen before, instead they seem to be cast or forged somehow, they are also significantly stronger than any glass you have ever seen. (1 attack over similar weapons).

The party can make contact with a number of merchants and other influential persons in the city. (each party member can gain 2 levels worth of contacts. To gain this benefit you must come up with a name write a brief description of the contact individual or group).



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