Space 1889: Wrigglesworth and Pinchback's Majestic Interplanetary Trading Company

The Hidden Waters of Biblis Fons - Part 2

Blue Milk, Demons, and Sea Monsters

After some initial exploration the first day on the plateau, the party returned to the ship. the Professor had a number of new toys including a few gallon jugs of a strange milky blue liquid which after some analysis, he and Miss Walker determined most likely included some component of animal derived poison as well as martian blood. While nervously waiting out the second night on the ship, the party’s newest cohort, a small Marian boy from the streets of Biblis Fons was snatched off the deck of the ship by an impossibly fast man sized shadow. The shadow carried him over the rail, down the anchor rope and off into the night. The party anxiously waited out the rest of the night, knowing they would be vulnerable in those narrow alleyways in the dark, and they probably wouldn’t even be able to track whatever took Mylok.

At first light they followed the trail to another of the ramps down into the plateau. The party, continued into the tunnels with weapons drawn accompanied by their faithful Martian mercenaries (who were doing there best to conceal their fear). In the curving tunnels below, they were set upon suddenly by two creatures. They looked like skeletally gaunt men, but fought with the strength, speed, and ferocity of a cornered step tiger. After many bullets they were finally put down, one still trashing as he was pinned to the floor by the martian’s polearms. One of the Parties Martian mercenaries was incapacitated, badly wounded. Upon further examination they appeared to be malnourished Canal Martian men, possibly under the influence of some sort of drug.

Unfortunately Mylok was not found with these two monsters, so the party continued to descend, eventually finding themselves in the control rooms that were the extent of their previous exploration. After descending a ladder down for another 20 feet or so, a tunnel lead them back to the center of the plateau were a large cylindrical chamber glowed with faint red light.

In the center of the chamber the limp form of Mylok was suspended over a stagnant pool of water from a strange glass structure supported by four slanting glass legs, but Mylok was not the only inhabitant of the room a crowd of dirty Martian women and children at first shielded themselves from the lights carried by the party, but then quickly grew angry and swarmed towards the party, who in the appropriate British fashion, did there best to form a square. An unfortunate massacre ensued. The unarmed women and children attacked as though berserk, charging with wild abandon and though they were dispatched with relative ease their willingness to throw themselves at such an enemy and their animalistic screams, as they charged and died left the party shaken. In the end, close to 20 martians lay dead or dying. Several smaller children cowered amongst the makeshift shelters around the edges of the room.

Emma, quickly strode towards Mylok hoping he still lived. As she neared the edge of the murky pool, a slimy black tentacle reached over the lip and a large blubberous creature heaved itself out of the water. It was like nothing she had ever seen before, though it vaguely resembled drawings she had seen of the octopus back on Earth. The rest of party stood shocked as a huge version of a creature they encountered a few months back reared out of the sludge. Before anyone had a chance to react the Knoe Shoshu reached out towards Emma with one huge dark tentacle.



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