Map_of_Styx_8.jpg(Sataizhiik in Cebreni)
Ruler: Princess (Anouaaka) Ppaatira (real ruler: Strong Merchants)
Population: 120,000
Form of Government: Weak princess, strong merchants
Corruption: Very corrupt
Economic Type: Mercantile
Economic Vitality: Wealthy
Army Quality: Excellent
Mercenary Quality: Excellent
Army Size: 20 bands of infantry, 10 bands of cavalry, 1 band/20 guns artillery (~1860 men)

  • 3 bands Elite, 19 bands Veteran, 9 bands Experienced
  • Royal Household Guard (1 band Elite)
  • Cavalry (1 band Elite, 7 bands Veteran, 2 bands Experienced)
  • Army (1 band Elite, 12 bands Veteran, 6 bands Experienced)
  • Artillery Corps (1 band Experienced)
    Fleet Quality: Trained
    Fleet Size: The fleet is composed of twenty-nine vessels — two Hullcutter large screw galleys (Sword of Agraktion, Haarkorren’s Wrath), two Endtime screw galleys, two Sky Runner screw galleys, four Clearsight screw galleys, four Swiftwood kites, six Blood Runner kites, five Small Bird screw galleys and five Fleetfoot screw galleys. The total fleet value is £480,160. All vessels conform to the standard description for their class. The crews of all vessels are Trained. Crewmen and Marines are armed with smoothbore muskets.
    Prevalent Attitude: Indifferent, but moving towards Hostile, especially where the Russians are concerned