Timeline of Events

Earth Year Martian Year Event
1891 A.D. 2659 Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria, and Italy) is renewed for 12 years. Franco-Russian entente. Trans-Siberian railroad construction begins. Samuel P. Langley publishes “Experiments in Aerodynamics.” Famine in Russia. Dutch anthropologist Eugene Dubois discovers Java man.
1890 A.D. Bismarck dismissed by Wilhelm II. First general elections in Japan. Idaho and Wyoming become states. Emil von Behring announces the discovery of antitoxins. Global Influenza epidemics. First English power station opens in Deptford.
1889 A.D. 2658 Japan adopts modern constitution. Tehuantepec Ship Railroad begins operation; French Panama Canal Company declares bankruptcy. Pedro II, emperor of Brazil, overthrown by military coup backed by planters. Brazilian expansionist move north checked by the United States Navy in the Battle of Mona Passage. First confirmation of existence of Selenite civilization beneath the surface of Luna. General Boulanger flees from France. Ravachol attempts to destroy orbital heliograph station H.M.S. Harbinger. Milan Obrenovich abdicates from Serbian throne in favor of his son, Alexander. Bulgaria and Ruritania mobilize. John IV, emperor of Abyssinia, dies and is succeeded by Menelik II. Italian troops mass on the Abyssinian borders in Eritrea and Somaliland. Belgians complete conquest of the Coprates Rift Valley. Columns begin raiding outside the Coprates in pursuit of rebels. Antihuman riots break out in many cities on Mars. Oenotrian Empire declares war on Britain. Austrian Crown Prince Archduke Rudolf commits suicide at his hunting lodge in Mayerling. North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Washington become states. Oklahoma is opened to Indians. Benjamin Harrison inaugurated 23rd American president. London dock strike. Cecil Rhodes South Africa Company given royal charter. Barnum and Bailey’s Circus at London. International Red Cross uses aerial transports to fly in aid after Johnstown flood.
1888 A.D. “Ripper” murders take place in Whitechapel district of London. The Financial Times first published in London. King Lobengula of the Matabele accepts British
protectorate and grants Cecil Rhodes mining rights. Kaiser (Emperor) Wilhelm I of Germany dies in March and is succeeded by his son Frederick III, who dies in June and is succeeded by his son Wilhelm II. Sarawak accepts status of British protectorate. General Boulanger is retired from the French Army and elected to the Chamber of Deputies. Ravachol escapes from prison.
Benjamin Harrison is elected president of the United States. Johnstown flood takes place. Sidney Boynton, United States ambassador to the Oenotrian Court, is kidnapped by Barrovaangian King Hattabranx, but he is later rescued by British gunboats. First recorded successful assault on a large kraag. Pedro II, emperor of Brazil, abolishes slavery. Nikola Tesla constructs electric motor. George Eastman perfects “Kodak” box camera. Football league founded. Aeronautical exhibition in Vienna. First of all beauty contests held in Spain and Belgium.
1887 A.D. 2657 Queen Victoria celebrates her Golden Jubilee. British besiege and capture the city of Shastapsh. “Avenel Incident” brings Britain and Oenotria to the brink of war. Subjugation of Shastapsh sparks the beginning of the Oenotrian War. Fenian Ram destroyed by British aerial gunboats in the Meroe Highlands, but O’Connor survives and escapes. Successful aerial campaign waged against High Martian pirates of the Astusapes Highlands, culminating in near-total destruction of Barrovaangian fleet. Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg elected king of Bulgaria, with Stambulov as prime minister. General Boulanger attempts coup in Paris, but fails. France organizes the Union Indo-Chinoise. Leopold II declares the Lower Coprates a Belgian protectorate. Construction begins on Tehuantepec Ship Railroad. ’Joseph Lockyer publishes “The Chemistry of the Sun.” Phenacetin, an analgesic drug, is discovered. H.W. Goodwin invents celluloid film. L.L. Zamehof devises Esperanto.
1886 A.D. 2656 Geronimo surrenders. General George Boulanger becomes French war minister. British Prime Minister Gladstone introduces bill for home rule in Ireland. The bill fails, and Salisbury becomes prime minister. Chamberlain becomes colonial secretary. H.M.S. Locust, first armored aerial gunboat built on Earth, launched at Portsmouth. “Mylarkt Incident” (exchange of gunfire between German and British aerial vessels on Mars in which H.M.S. Daring was destroyed) begins steady deterioration in Anglo-German relations. Alexander of Bulgaria abdicates after coup; Stephan Stambulov becomes regent. First meeting of the Indian National Congress. Bonaparte and Orleans families banished from France. Germanium discovered by German chemist Clemens Winkler. Pasteur Institute founded in Paris. American Federation of Labor founded.
1885 A.D. 2655 Edison Ether Flyer patent expires. Golden age of space exploration begins. The Congo and the Upper Coprates become the personal possessions of King Leopold II of Belgium. Germany annexes Tanganyika and Zanzibar, renaming them German East Africa. Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado”. Pasteur develops a vaccine for rabies. Sir Francis Galton proves the individuality of fingerprints. Karl Benz builds single-cylinder engine for motor car. John M. Fox introduces golf to America. Japanese forcibly take the village of Unebi and force relations with Euxinus Lacus. The Dervish army captures Khartoum and massacres the garrison, and two days later destroys the desert column. British evacuate the Sudan. Later in the year the Mahdi dies; a new leader takes his place. Great Britain establishes a protectorate over Northern Bechuanaland., the Niger River region (“Nigeria”), and southern New Guinea. British troops occupy Port Hamilton, Korea. King Alfonso XII of Spain dies; Queen Maria Christina becomes regent for her unborn child. (Early the next year she gives birth to the future Alfonso XIII.) Bulgaria seizes Eastern Rumelia. Serbia and Trans-Balkania declare war on Bulgaria and Ruritania, but are quickly beaten and withdraw to prewar boundaries. Posthumous publication of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.
1884 A.D. 2655 General Gordon reaches Khartoum as governor of the Sudan. The Mahdi refuses to negotiate and brings Khartoum under siege. Gold is discovered in the Transvaal. Liam O’Connor in the Fenian Ram makes first attack on British shipping on Mars. British aerial squadron bombards Shastapsh. “Punishment” of Shastapsh successful and spreads the Crown Colony on Mars. The first “deep tube” (underground railroad, or subway) opens in London. Germany occupies Southwest Africa. Grover Cleveland is elected president
of the United States. The Berlin Conference of 14 colonial powers partitions Africa. Japanese make their first landing on Mars. Sir Charles Parsons invents first practical steam turbine.
1883 A.D. 2654 Paul Kruger elected president of the South African Republic. French troops control Tunis. Russian intervention in Hecates Lacus civil war leads to Treaty of Cebrenia, recognizing Russia’s “special interests” in the region. British fight aerial campaign against pirates in the Aerian Hills. Rebellion in the Sudan grows. The “Orient Express” (Paris to Istanbul railroad) makes its first run.
1882 A.D. 2654 Prince Milan Obrenovich of Serbia proclaims himself king. Triple alliance formed between Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary. First German colonial governor to Venus takes residence at Venusstadt. British troops occupy Cairo, Egypt. Meepsoor and Moeris Lacus become treaty dependents of the Crown Colony on Mars and accept status as British protectorates. Belgian legion involved in frequent fighting in the Coprates Valley on Mars. Bank of Japan founded.
1881 A.D. 2653 The Boers of the Transvaal repulse the British at Laing’s Nek and inflict a stunning defeat on them at Majuba Hill. In the Treaty of Pretoria, Britain recognizes the independent Transvaal Republic. H.M.S. Aphid, first armored aerial gunboat, launched at Syrtis Major. Flogging abolished in the British Army and Navy. Garfield is assassinated, and his vice president, Chester Arthur, succeeds him. The Bey of Tunis accepts status as a French protectorate. The first political parties are formed in Japan. Serbia forms an alliance with Austria to strengthen the government’s hand against internal unrest. American Quarter is set up in Thymiamata.
1880 A.D. 2653 Second War of the Parhoon Succession results in establishment of a British crown colony on Mars. Syrtis Major, Haat, and Avenel incorporated into the Crown Colony. Disraeli steps down as British prime minister; succeeded by Gladstone. Princess Christiana Station established on Mercury. France annexes Tahiti. The Pacific War breaks out: Chile versus Peru and Bolivia. The war drags on into 1884. The Boers of the Transvaal declare their independence from Britain. A republic is established, with Kruger as president. Garfield is elected president of the United States. Carnegie develops the first large steel furnace. Electricity replaces gaslights on New York streets. Heidelberg expedition returns from Venus. Germans establish colony on Venus. First Russian expedition lands on Venus. First Italian expedition lands on Venus. Canned fruits and meat widely available for the first time in stores.
1879 A.D. Ute Indian uprising in United States. British fight Zulu War, occupy Khyber Pass. British legation in Kabul massacred. Germany declares Alsace-Lorraine to be an integral part of the German Empire. Alexander of Battenberg elected Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria. Radical Egyptian elements depose Ismail, the Khedive of Egypt. He is succeeded by Tewfik. The French Panama Canal Company is organized and headed by Ferdinand de Lesseps.
1878 A.D. 2652 German ether dirigible Heidelburg expedition becomes the first successful expedition to Venus, discovering the fate of the first three expeditions. Germany will lead efforts to colonize Venus. Anwaak of Parhoon is assassinated (Gorovaan is implicated). First War of Parhoon Succession. Queen Victoria assumed the position of Regent until the infant Prince becomes of age. Gorovaangian War: The British and the Parhoonese repel attacks by Gorovaan and subjugate the city. .
. 1877 A.D.
London Times Venus Rescue Expedition fails to return. After a Bastille Day riot (and 6 dead French citizens), France declares war on Idaeus Fons and conquers the city. King Akvan formally surrenders in 1878.
1876 A.D. 2651 First Belgian expedition to Mars.
1875 A.D. Collingswood expedition to Venus fails to return.
1874 A.D. 2650 Armstrong expedition to Venus fails to return. Belgians, French establish enclaves on Mars.
1873 A.D. Edison loses patent suit against Armstrong Ether Flyer Company. Both firms compete vigorously in design and construction of spacecraft. Dr. Claude Massigny lands near Idaeus Fons and begins relations with the Martian City.
1872 A.D. 2649 British first land on Mars outside of Parhoon. First British foothold on Mars with the establishment of the Permanent British Quarter in Parhoon.
1870 A.D. 2647 Thomas Edison and Jack Armstrong land on Mars. Edison Martian Expedition pilots a primitive Ether Flyer to Mars, and returns.
1868 A.D. 2646 First working Ether Flyer mechanism demonstrated. Professor Moreau publishes his book Promethean Promise wherein the basis for etheric theory is laid out.
1858 A.D. 2641 Birth of the Fenian movement in Dublin and New York.
1604 A.D. 2507 Prince Krahaanik I builds a strong military and conquers Deucalionis and Pyrrhae. He then proclaims himself the first Emperor of the Tossian Empire.
121 A.D. 1718 Global civil war ends. Responsibility for canal maintenance falls into the hands of the individual city-states.
15 A.D. 1662 Seldon dynasty ends with Seldon LXVIII. Without a clearly defined heir, the Empire falls into disorder. A global civil war begins.
3114 B.C. 0 Seldon II rises to power in the city of Gaaryan.
23000 B.C. 10500 B.S. Seas begin to dry up. Within a few hundred years, very organized efforts to dig the canals begins. Beginning of the Brifanoon age.
30000 B.C. 14000 B.S. First signs of Martian agriculture and civilization.
33000 B.C. 16000 B.S. Climatic spasm causes Martian Ice caps to melt briefly. Proto-Martians driven from the seabeds. Beginning of the Brifanoon Age.